Biodegradable natural silk dental floss refills to compliment your reusable glass bottle available with the single floss. 

A pack of two, packaged in cardboard and protected in a fully compostable corn starch bag, everything inside and including the box will leave no mark on the planet after use.

**Single floss separately available in a reusable glass container**

  • Plastic Free
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Compostable bag


Read this in a husky and suggestive voice: Silk… decadent and luxurious… We aren’t serious, we used silk because it is strong, effective and compostable (we know it says biodegradable in the title, but compost and dental floss don’t conjure good images together). The floss is 30 metres in length and coated in minty candella wax which is plant based with no plastic in sight. Inside the box we have a recyclable or reusable dental floss bottle with a metal lid which integrates the floss cutter."


Disclaimer: All descriptions from Non Plastic Beach's own website

Biodegradable Silk Dental Floss Refills - Non Plastic Beach