80g pouch - This luscious blend of fruits and berries reminds us of Granma's garden. We have ennobled the sweet and juicy strawberry and raspberry flavours with a nuance of mild, tangy rhubarb flavour. This unforgotten old love provides us with a memorable and nostalgic experience each time.


"Scotland Serves Up the First Not-For-Profit Tea Company, in the World, that Donates 100% Profits to Social Causes

From nurse to social enterprise entrepreneur Jai, a nurse for almost 20 years, created and launched a not-for-profit Scottish loose leaf tea company called LibberTEA.


I've combined a lifelong passion for tea with a desire to help others and created a tea business with a difference.  LibberTEA, a combination of the words ‘Liberate’ and ‘Tea’ is a Scottish  loose leaf tea company that makes something extraordinary out of something ordinary.

As a not-for-profit limited by guarantee enterprise, LibberTEA will donate 100% profits to various social causes with street homelessness, mental health, LGBT groups, domestic abuse, clean water and animal welfare being the primary social causes."  


Ingredients: Hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peel, apple pieces, elderberries, blackberries, flavouring, freeze dried whole blackberries, freeze-dried strawberry and Raspberry pieces.


Disclaimer: All descriptions from LibberTEA's own website

LibberTEA - Old Love