80g pouch - Grown on South Africa's Western Cape, our high-grade Rooibos (Redbush) Tea is high in antioxidants and is believed to have several health benefits, while its precious ruby colour and soft, sweet nuances delight all those who drink it.  


"Scotland Serves Up the First Not-For-Profit Tea Company, in the World, that Donates 100% Profits to Social Causes

From nurse to social enterprise entrepreneur Jai, a nurse for almost 20 years, created and launched a not-for-profit Scottish loose leaf tea company called LibberTEA. 


I've combined a lifelong passion for tea with a desire to help others and created a tea business with a difference.  LibberTEA, a combination of the words ‘Liberate’ and ‘Tea’ is a Scottish  loose leaf tea company that makes something extraordinary out of something ordinary.

As a not-for-profit limited by guarantee enterprise, LibberTEA will donate 100% profits to various social causes with street homelessness, mental health, LGBT groups, domestic abuse, clean water and animal welfare being the primary social causes."  


Ingredients: 100% Organic South African Rooibos.


Disclaimer: All descriptions from LibberTEA's own website

LibberTEA - Rooibos Organic