Meadow honey gift set, includes two 100ml jars of honey in a special crafted wooden box. 



  • One Buckwheat Honey: Strong earthy flavour, Caramel like taste, Very aromatic, Hint of coco and Award Winning
  • One Wildflower Honey: Medium sweet, Complex flavour, Light aroma, Rich in pollen and great for breakfast


"Our beekeeping tradition has started with our grandfather Witold over 60 years ago back in Poland. 

We are committed to living up to his ideas and our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment, through recycling materials we use in our shipping and reducing our carbon footprint. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and for our shipping needs, we use directly recycled boxes from local shops and low emission vehicles. We aim to promote our beekeeping tradition and passion in Scotland by creating new beehives families and through educational activities"


Disclaimer: All descriptions from Miod Raw Honey Co's own website

Meadow Honey - Gift Set