• ECO FRIENDLY: Reusable towel replaces traditional paper towels. Each sheet can be used upto 100 times on average. The towels are also machine washable.
  • VERSATILE: Reusable bamboo kitchen towels are for many purposes. They can effectively clean small spills on the floor and can also be used for dusting, mirror cleaning, car cleaning and much more.
  • 100% SUSTAINABLE: At Vinsani we are passionate about going green and that is why we make eco-friendly products that are better for our planet and healthier for you.
  • SUPER STRONG & ULTRA ABSORBENT: Bamboo Towels can absorb upto 10 times more than a traditional paper towel. The towels stay strong and sturdy even after they are wet. Each time they are washed, they become softer and more absorbent.
  • MONEY SAVING: Since each towel can be used many times, and for so many different purposes, you will ultimately save a lot of money over buying traditional paper towels.

Reusable Bamboo Kitchen Roll - Vinsani